Monday, March 26, 2012

Object Identification Process

Object Identification Process:

QTP has a unique way of Identifying the object from AUT, as discussed above it uses three Mandatory & Assertive properties, Ordinal Identification and Smart Identification.
QTP uses Mandatory & Assistive Properties to identify the object, If no property/properties matches with the object description in Object Repository (OR) it will throw an error stating that Object not found, If QTP identifies one or more properties similar with other object present in OR then it will try to identify the object using the next property which is ordinal Identifier if it still doesn't find the object it will try to identify the object using Smart Identification(Provided when it is Enabled(File-->Setting-->Run uncheck Disable Smart Identification During the run Session)), Which can be easily understood from the flow chart. Personally I don't recommend to use Smart Identification as it consumes execution time.

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