Friday, August 26, 2011


Quick Test Professional is a functional and regression test automation software tool developed by Mercury Interactive. Currently owned by HP and commonly known as HP Quick test professional.
  QTP is a Record and playback tool(recording not preferred always) as well as Programmatic tool which uses VbScripting for scripting. QTP Supports technologies depending upon the Version of the tool, Web, Java, .Net, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Delphi, Power Builder, Flex, Sliver light.
QTP is a licensed tool it comes with a trail version.
Latest QTP version is 11.0 - Released in 2010.

Advantages of QTP

1. Ease of use.

2. Use of VBScript, which makes QTP significantly easier for a non-programmer person to understand and create Test case / scripts.

3. Object identification mechanism is better.

4. Technology support is good. The supported technologies, depending on the QTP version, are available for Web, Java(Core and Advanced), .Net, WPF, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Delphi, Power Builder, Stingray 1, Terminal Emulator, Flex, Web Services, Windows Mobile, VisualAge Smalltalk, Silverlight and mainframe terminal emulators.

5. Various Parameterization types in QTP, which ease the test cases for the same operations with multiple sets of data.

6. QTP Supports Framework like modular, Keyword, data driven and Hybrid.

7. Handling Dynamic objects are possible with use of Descriptive programming.

8. QTP Reports are clear and easily understand.
Disadvantages or drawbacks of QTP

1. QTP works only on Windows OS thereby becoming Platform dependent tool.

2. Poor support for cross browser testing. Supports only IE and little version of Firefox.

3. License and maintenance cost is high.

4. QTP consumes more memory.

5. In QTP you cannot work on multiple scripts at a time like in winrunner.

6. CPU utilization is more in QTP.

Major Topics in QTP:

-Testing Process

-Object and Object Repositories

-QTP Recording



-Check Points

-VB Scripting

-Descriptive Programming


-File system Objects


Will be explaining each topics in my upcoming posts.


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